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Jesse Nolan’s project Caught a Ghost features elements of sax volt compositions and motown; claiming to have influences from dubstep/contemporary electronica/90s rap. Heard this in Suits S2 E02 – Totally worth digging!

Ben Howard always has his way with words, and that complimented with the indie vibe he produces, appeases one, as much as it results into a plaintive state…transcending listeners into ruminators. This was one of the soundtracks in House MD’s antepenultimate episode (S8E12) – Chase.  

In slow-mo, with the rhetoric of vocals and garage-y beats, ‘college’ have done a great job. The entire score for this movie was quite great; in addition to the fact that Ryan Gosling hardly speaks in the entire movie, yet, drives into the sunset being the real hero. 

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